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fbc1b388fb6bc5329f3d742ed53bcdb3e76d52ef fbc1b388fb6bc5329f3d742ed53bcdb3e76d52ef

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Frédéric CORNU Frédéric CORNU fbc1b388fb6bc5329f3d742ed53bcdb3e76d52ef fbc1b388fb6bc5329f3d742ed53bcdb3e76d52ef complete CHANGELOG for 0.7 release
Frédéric CORNU Frédéric CORNU c82b4ac71aa8040dc7e40b354c009a4ed086ec74 c82b4ac71aa8040dc7e40b354c009a4ed086ec74 Fix version name propagation
impact of da8503a0
Frédéric CORNU Frédéric CORNU 6c9436097291468399a6704e340578d3c8348468 6c9436097291468399a6704e340578d3c8348468 Fix OSX distribution build
There remained a hardcoded version number :(
Frédéric CORNU Frédéric CORNU da8503a0661447316882da140e09db0d41d037c8 da8503a0661447316882da140e09db0d41d037c8 get rid of symlink
python develop won't be able to pick up version name from
within a source tarball, but we can live with it
Frédéric CORNU Frédéric CORNU 2835aab1285c5a1f2f102b724684ae99d2fbd3c0 2835aab1285c5a1f2f102b724684ae99d2fbd3c0 add save on quit option
new preference : save on quit

If enabled : default behaviour is to save current processing result to disk
into a 'final' labelled & timestamped file.

Default behaviour can be overriden in redesigned "stop session" dialog